Reading, PA Tax and Bankruptcy Planning Attorney

Reading, PA Tax and Bankruptcy Lawyer & Attorney

Reading, Pennsylvania, is a city that is known for its rich history and a variety of cultural influences. It is situated in southeast Pennsylvania and acts as the county seat of Berks County.

Reading is a varied community. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was home to one of the greatest transportation networks in the world: the Reading Railroad. In its heyday, it was a thriving industrial town best known for the Reading Railroad.

Reading is now experiencing revival efforts and provides a range of attractions, including as the Reading Public Museum, the Pagoda, and the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, which draw tourists for its historical, cultural, and recreational activities. Despite the fact that Reading is currently having economic issues, the city is currently undertaking redevelopment initiatives.

Chester Springs, PA Tax Attorney

Chester Springs, PA Tax Attorney Services

Our Chester County tax attorney can help you with your back tax issue. Whether you are facing IRS or state (PA Revenue) tax issues, we can show you the available options for resolution of your back tax debt and guide you through the process of managing, reducing or even eliminating your tax debt. We’ve worked closely with the IRS Appeals, Collections, Taxpayer Advocate and Office of Chief Counsel for many years and know what needs to happen to see your tax debt issue to resolution.

Our tax resolution services include offer in compromise, tax abatement, installment agreements, currently not collectible status, audit defense, tax court petitions, wage garnishment release and IRS lien and levy release. Together we will work with the IRS to come to an amicable resolution of your tax matter.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Chester Springs, PA

We understand the fear and anxiety caused by overwhelming debt. Whether you have personal (credit card, medical, tax) or business debt, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can offer you a fresh start. We are committed to helping clients resolve their debt issues and offer bankruptcy services which include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In addition, we can represent clients in foreclosure defense, car repossession, wage garnishment, and sheriff’s sales.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Chester Springs, PA
Chester Springs, PA Estate Planning Attorney

Chester Springs, PA Estate Planning Attorney

In the event that you pass without a Will or Trust in place, asset distribution decisions will be made by Pennsylvania intestacy law, resulting in your investments, home and other property passing purely by statute. To ensure that this does not happen, our estate planning attorneys can help you formulate a Will or Trust that properly conveys your property, money and valuable assets. In addition, our attorneys routinely prepare powers of attorney and advanced health care directives for clients that plan for future financial and health care issues. In addition to estate planning, our firm represents clients in probate, estate and trust administration, and probate litigation matters.