Probate Attorney

If you have recently lost a loved one and are acting as the executor/administrator of the estate, it is important to understand your responsibilities and obligations. There are several things to consider before the administration gets underway. Was there a will? Does the estate need to go through probate? An estate and probate lawyer can help you determine the answers to these important questions.

Let us take the stress and uncertainty out of estate administration, allowing you to handle your administrator or executor duties while at the same time taking care of your family and yourself. Call 610-524-3200, or e-mail to schedule a consultation with an estate administration attorney.

Questions To Ask

What are probate assets?

What happens to probate assets in the absence of a will?

What is the role of the personal representative in the probate process?

What is the procedure for handling estate creditors in the probate proceedings?

Does all property have to go through probate upon someone’s death?

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