IRS Tax Help

Be careful when obtaining IRS tax help. Tax debtors are faced with a barrage of options when looking for tax representation and it is not all good. The following are a few tips on getting good tax help:

First, be wary of TV and radio advertisements that promote tax resolutions that sound too good to be true. Like so many things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Second, do not give anyone any money, unless you know exactly what it is they are going to do for you. Many a tax debtor has paid a large retainer to a tax debt relief firm, only to find out that the tax debt relief firm never once called the IRS on the taxpayer’s behalf. Now the taxpayer finds out they are no further along in the resolution of their case and out a significant sum of money.

Finally, find someone that is local, that you are confident in and can immediately reach if you have a problem or question. If you cannot physically visit your tax representative and/or have trouble reaching him/her, find someone else.