Utilizing the services of a bankruptcy attorney can offer a fresh start for individuals and businesses struggling with overwhelming debt. It is an opportunity to find relief from things such as credit card debt and unpaid medical bills. Although many fear the loss of a family home or irreparable harm to their credit rating, it is often possible to avoid foreclosure and rehabilitate your credit while still obtaining the relief provided under the Bankruptcy Code.

We offer honest answers and practical guidance in bankruptcy and debt relief matters. We can assist you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Helping individuals file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13
  • Advising you regarding Federal and Pennsylvania bankruptcy exemptions
  • Defending you in foreclosure actions, ending wage garnishment, stopping repossession
  • A wide range of bankruptcy avoidance and pre-bankruptcy matters

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The Three Steps of Bankruptcy 

If you are facing insurmountable financial problems and fear bankruptcy may be your only option, don’t ignore the problem – take charge of the situation. Start by thoroughly assessing your situation:

  • Step One: Examine your debts, including your mortgage and auto loans, as well as your credit card debt. Look at the interest rates and figure out the monthly costs.
  • Step Two: Review your monthly expenses. Decide which are mandatory, such as utilities and groceries, and which are expendable, such as gym memberships and cable subscriptions.
  • Step Three: Work with a legal expert to determine whether or not bankruptcy is a feasible option and which type would be most beneficial for you.

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