Downingtown, PA IRS and Tax & Estate Attorney

Downingtown, PA IRS and Tax Attorney Services

Conley Law Practice, LLC serves a variety of legal needs for clients in Downingtown, PA and surrounding Chester County areas. Our clients in the Downingtown area appreciate the easy-to-find, stress-free suburban location of the Conley Law office, which offers plenty of convenient parking.

When it comes to estate planning, estate administration, tax planning, tax controversy and bankruptcy, Downingtown businesses and individuals trust Conley Law for legal guidance. We are committed to providing Downingtown residents with high quality legal work at affordable rates.

Downingtown, PA Tax & Estate Attorney
Downingtown, PA Estates & Wills Attorney

Downingtown, PA Estates & Wills Attorney Services

Without a proper estate plan in place, you could be placing your property and your loved ones at risk by leaving important decisions up to the state. In essence, if you do not have a will in place, asset distribution decisions will be made by state intestacy law, resulting in your investments, home, and other property passing purely by statute. 

A proper estate plan ensures that important decisions regarding your loved ones and property will be made by you or your decision, and not determined by the State. Our firm provides Downingtown clients with estate planning involving wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, living wills, and much more.

Downingtown, PA Estate Planning Attorney Services

Downingtown is a borough located in Chester County, PA, about 33 miles west of Philadelphia. The population was 7,666 as of the 2010 census. English and European colonists settled the area in the early 18th century and many historic buildings and structures can be found throughout the region.

The area’s original name was Milltown due to the number of mills along the East Branch Brandywine Creek. The area started to be referred to as Downingtown during the American Revolution due to Thomas Downing, a prominent Quaker businessman in the area.

Downingtown, PA Estate Attorney